How it works

The MLS technology has been used in medicine for many decades to reduce inflammation, decrease pain, help the healing process, and facilitate liposuctions. Celebrities such as Jon Bon Jovi, Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, as well as several professional sports teams (including from the NHL and NFL) have been using it for many years. There are no known side effects.

The MLS patented laser releases fat from cells in 100% of patients. This fat is then passed out of the body naturally. Contrary to weight loss diets, the MLS only targets fatty tissues and does not in any way reduce the muscle mass and slow down the body’s metabolism. In fact, the loss of muscle mass constitutes the worst side effect of diets as the latter decrease metabolism (the number of calories burnt), which causes the yo-yo effect.

Watch the videos below to see how fat cells are emptied from their content under the effect of the MLS.

The systemic effect of the MLS, also known as the domino effect, explains why body parts that have not been treated by the MLS are also getting thinner (ref.: Hamblin Report – Department of Dermatology, Harvard Medical School). The MLS sort of teaches fat cells how to release their content. Those cells then pass on this “knowledge” to neighbouring cells (by means of their transmitters). For instance, an MLS treatment applied in the abdominal region may result in the slimming of the arms as well.

After treatment has been completed, fat cells continue to be conditioned to release their content. Therefore the results obtained with the MLS may be long-term if a healthy lifestyle is adopted. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the MLS to this effect.

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