Condition : Acne and Scars

The acne is probably the most common skin condition in adolescents and adults. This skin condition may be the cause of many psychological problems, including shyness, low self-esteem, shame, anxiety, and difficulties on the love and friendship front. During adolescence, the effects can be devastating because this is the period of life where one builds self-esteem.


The skin contains an oily substance called sebum that is secreted through hair follicle pores. An excessive amount of sebum makes the skin oily which combined with dead skin cells can clog up these pores. This obstruction prevents sebum from coming out of the skin, which leads to the formation of blackheads or whiteheads as well as the proliferation of bacteria causing inflammation and those pimples that characterize acne. Hormonal changes during adolescence cause, among other things, an increased secretion of sebum that explains the high prevalence of acne during this crucial period of life.




On the long term, acne lesions may cause skin damages continuing into adulthood, namely scars and pockmarks.


The lotions and ointments on the market can only treat acne once it has appeared. On the contrary, the DermaMinceur approach consists in treating hair follicle pores, sebum secretion and dead cells that are at the source of acne. For our treatments, we use the HydraFacial device which is the most recent and effective technology to treat acne. As for existing acne scars, they are treated with the help of the eMatrix, a fractional radiofrequency device.


  • HydraFacial

    Winner of the best aesthetic device and a favorite of celebrities, the HydraFacial is now the reference in the treatment of acne. It combines cleansing of the skin and its hair follicles, exfoliation to remove dead cells, and spectacular hydration.

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  • eMatrix

    The sublative radiofrequency of the eMatrix is a more aggressive technology than microneedling. It aims the layers of the skin located underneath the epidermis. The eMatrix can treat more severe acne scars.

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  • Micropen EVO

    The MicroPen EVO is the newest automated microneedling technology. The power and precision of this medical device make it very effective in treating superficial acne scars.

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