Condition : Saddlebags

Women who have saddlebags have very distinctive figure. The upper body is always distinctly smaller than the lower body and from the narrowest part, just underneath the breasts, the line of their body is an unbroken slope downwards to the widest part of the thighs usually three to four inches below the hip bone. When weight is gained, it gathers on the outside of the thighs predominantly and that area outside the thighs is called saddlebags.


Fat deposits on the thighs are almost exclusively used during late pregnancy and when a woman is nursing. It is the legacy of centuries which having reserves of fat in the thighs and buttocks was crucial to the survival and reproduction of women. Studies have shown a high lipogenesis (fat storage) and low lipolysis (fat destocking) in these areas.


It is impossible to spot-reduce its fat with diets and exercise. When your body need fat for energy it will take fat from all over the body and eventually from your trouble areas.


The Maximus TriLipo and Venus Legacy technologies allow treating effectively this condition.

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  • Venus Legacy

    The Venus Legacy radiofrequency device uses MP2 technology to transmit energy to the deep layers of the skin, helping to firm it and reduce sagging.

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