Condition : Wrinkles and Fine Lines


Skin aging is inevitable. Whether we like it or not, the traces of time on the skin are gradually appearing.


The muscles of the face, constantly solicited, leave marks where repeated facial movements are made. The temporary folds fade less and less over the years and deepen, some until they remain permanent.



The Decline in Collagen after the Age of 30


In addition, the production of collagen and elastic fibers decreases with age. By the age of 30, the most abundant protein in the skin – collagen – decreases by 1% each year. This decrease is largely responsible for the slackening of the skin, which becomes thinner, dehydrated, loses its elasticity and its resistance.


A rupture of the tissues takes place in the composition of the dermis, forming wrinkles and fine lines.


The skin around the eyes, which is thinner and more fragile, is also the first to be affected by the signs of aging.



The Different Types


Whether aging wrinkles or expression lines such as horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, crow’s feet around the eyes, frown lines between the eyebrows or wrinkles around the mouth; wrinkles and fine lines are distinguished by their depth.


Superficial and close to the surface of the skin, fine lines are shallow. They usually form along the major creases and lines visible when smiling or frowning.


The wrinkles are deep and hollowed out, which gives them a much more marked appearance. Of course, fine lines can turn into wrinkles over the years.



Reasons of their Emergence


Beyond skin aging and repeated contraction of facial muscles, various factors can affect the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Whether it’s lack of hydration, sun exposure without adequate protection, smoking, alcohol consumption, lack of sleep, or a deficiency in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, lifestyle has been shown to have a real impact on the skin of the face. So contrary to popular belief, genetics is not the only factor to consider.



How to Prevent Them


Protecting your skin from the sun, drinking enough water, moisturizing your face morning and evening, sleeping well, adopting a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle habits are all actions that help prevent and delay the effects of aging.



Solutions to Reduce Them


While it is impossible to stop or reverse the aging process, there are effective solutions to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, or even eliminate them.


Cliniques DM has the most sophisticated cutting-edge technologies to erase the traces of time and rejuvenate your skin. Radiofrequency, phototherapy, microneedling and hydradermabrasion systems are among others used to treat the different layers of the skin. The application of suitable serums is often an integral part of the care. The compliment “you don’t look your age” will soon be part of your daily life.



We don’t say these are the best technologies because we offer them, we offer them because they are the best technologies


President of Cliniques DM

  • HydraFacial

    Winner of the best aesthetic device and a favorite of celebrities, the HydraFacial is now the reference in the treatment of acne. It combines cleansing of the skin and its hair follicles, exfoliation to remove dead cells, and spectacular hydration.

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  • Micropen EVO

    The MicroPen EVO is the newest automated microneedling technology. The power and precision of this medical device make it very effective in treating superficial acne scars.

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  • Maximus TriLipo

    The Maximus TriLipo offers the TriLipo radiofrequency treatment. The stimulation of collagen fibers that it performs ensures renewed firmness and elasticity to the skin.

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  • Venus Legacy

    The Venus Legacy radiofrequency device uses MP2 technology to transmit energy to the deep layers of the skin, helping to firm it and reduce sagging.

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  • eMatrix

    The sublative radiofrequency of the eMatrix is a more aggressive technology than microneedling. It aims the layers of the skin located underneath the epidermis. The eMatrix can treat more severe acne scars.

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