Condition : Double Chin

There comes a time when lifting up the head and stretching the neck won’t allow hiding this double chin that embarrasses you and spoils the beauty of your face. With reason because a double chin makes a face look heavy, older and less attractive.


The formation of a double chin often follows a fast weight gain that causes the sagging of muscles and skin. That explains why a simple diet won’t solve the problem. People with a healthy weight may also have a double chin due to heredity or if they suffer from a sagging skin condition.


The technologies using radiofrequencies such as the Maximus TriLipo and the Venus Legacy are the most effective ones to smooth out a double chin condition. They use thermal energy to make the double chin fat disappear and tighten the skin.

  • Maximus TriLipo

    The Maximus TriLipo offers the TriLipo radiofrequency treatment. The stimulation of collagen fibers that it performs ensures renewed firmness and elasticity to the skin.

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  • Venus Legacy

    The Venus Legacy radiofrequency device uses MP2 technology to transmit energy to the deep layers of the skin, helping to firm it and reduce sagging.

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