The MLS Sculpting is the most effective non-invasive body contouring treatment in the world, which makes it the best alternative to liposuction. It incorporates the biggest scientific breakthrough in fat loss ever developed.

What makes the MLS Sculpting so revolutionary is its capacity to release the content of the fat cells in only a few minutes, which is the most difficult part in body slimming. On the opposite, when you diet, the body only uses the fat stored in fat cells after having used all its other sources of energy, including muscles’ energy. That explains why it can take a very long time before seeing results with a diet and why so many people quit at an early stage.

Also, the MLS Sculpting can specifically target annoying fat deposits. For many, these troublesome areas are the first ones to accumulate fat when you gain weight and the last ones to slim after a diet. That explains the low success rate of diets to lose fat in those areas.

The effectiveness of the MLS Sculpting is such that it is the only body contouring system on the market able to offer a 3-inch cumulative fat loss.*

Unlike other body slimming and contouring systems, long-term results can be obtained with the MLS Sculpting if the person maintains a healthy lifestyle.

This body contouring laser system has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for its safety and effectiveness and licensed by Health Canada.


What are the benefits of the MLS Sculpting?

  • No surgery, no pain, no downtime
  • Alternative to liposuction
  • Proven effectiveness: average loss of 3.5 inches in clinical studies
  • Number 1 Body Contouring System in Quebec with more than 100,000 treatments
  • Fast visible results*
  • Technology recommended by doctors
  • Technology approved by the FDA and licensed by Health Canada for its safety and effectiveness
  • Long-term results when maintaining a healthy lifestyle

* Results may vary from one person to another

How does the treatment work?

The MLS Sculpting consists of multiple treatments carried out successively. The first treatment consists of removing the fat from the fat cells with the help of the MLS system. This technology is without a doubt the most effective proven body contouring treatment. Surgeons have been using it since 2001 to ease their liposuction procedures given its capacity at emptying the content of the fat cells.

In certain circumstances, the use of acoustic waves may be necessary to break up compacted fat cells.

The second treatment consists in optimizing the functioning of the lymphatic system to facilitate circulation of the fat up to the liver. This step is crucial given that the MLS treatment only allows the release of the content of the fat cells. Therefore, a Vmax vibrating plate is used to carry out successfully this task.

Then the liver processes the fat it receives and eliminates it from the body. Several litres of fat go through the liver during the MLS Sculpting treatment, which represents a significant workload. Therefore, the third and final part of the treatment aims at maximizing the liver function and includes a liver detoxification to unclog the liver and release its accumulated toxins.


Which areas can be treated?

The MLS Sculpting proves to be very effective on body areas where fat is persistent, including:

  • Belly
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Love Handles
  • Bra line

How is the treatment done?

First, a technician will position the lasers of the MLS on the desired areas of your body, and will step out for 20 minutes while your front side is treated. The technician will then return to reposition the lasers to the backside of your body for an additional 20 minutes. Since you won’t feel any heat or sensation during the treatment, it is a great time to relax, read or do absolutely nothing!

Next, you will be invited to stimulate your lymphatic system for 10 minutes with a Vmax low-intensity vibrating plate. After the treatment, you will be able to resume your normal activities immediately, without any downtime, and you won’t experience pain, swelling or discomfort.

Since the fat released by the MLS returns inside the cells after 72 hours if it is not evacuated by the body, treatments have to be done every other day in order for the fat to remain outside the cells throughout the treatment and give your body time to eliminate it.

How many sessions are required?

The number of sessions required depends on your body’s effectiveness at eliminating fat. It depends on several factors such as your age, medical condition, lifestyle habits and personal fat loss objectives. The body requires a minimum of nine (9) treatment sessions given the number of litres of fat it has to evacuate.

What are the scientific proofs of the treatment’s effectiveness?

The effectiveness of the MLS has been proven through a level 1 double-blind, randomized, multisite and placebo-controlled clinical trial, which is the most stringent kind of clinical trial. The results obtained from that study demonstrated an average cumulative circumferential reduction of 3.51 inches across patient’s waist, hips, and thighs in as little as two weeks.

In the medical journal Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, three Harvard scientists reviewed the merits of laser therapy for body contouring and concluded that the MLS clinical trial, in which no diets, no exercise changes, and no other adjunctive components were allowed, properly illustrated the clinical utility of the laser and set the precedent on how aesthetic devices should be evaluated. One of the article’s authors, Michael Hamblin, PhD., is recognized as the world’s leading expert in low-level laser therapy, making the praise all the more significant.

After this clinical trial, doctors and scientists of the FDA studied for two years the effectiveness of the technology. In 2010, the MLS became the first medical device ever cleared by the FDA for its effectiveness in the circumferential reduction of the waist, hips and thighs. Health Canada also studied the effectiveness of the laser over four months and concluded the same.

Multiple other level 1 clinical trials have proven the effectiveness of the MLS in body slimming. The technology was also the subject of some twenty articles published in medical journals, including some of the most prestigious ones like Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, Clinics in Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine, The American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery, and Clinics in Plastics Surgery.


When are the results visible?

Some people experience results after only a few treatments and feel that their clothes are less tight.

What differentiates MLS Sculpting from liposuction?

The MLS-Sculpting empties the fat cells but does not kill them. Many people falsely believe that fat cells only serve at storing fat. On the contrary, fat cells constitute one of the most complex and important organs of the human body. Paradoxically, they secrete hormones that help burn fat and decrease appetite (leptin). Although eliminating the excess of body fat may improve one’s health, killing fat cells can be harmful.

Liposuction is performed under anesthesia and uses a hollow stainless steel tube (called a cannula) and a powerful vacuum to suck and remove localized fatty deposits in body areas such as the belly and the hips. A study conducted under the supervision of doctors Hernandez and Eckel has however shown that women undergoing abdomen or thigh liposuction regain all of the fat lost within a year. The main difference is the redistribution of fat to other body areas, in particular, the upper body parts like the shoulders and the arms. The removal of fat cells may also cause fat lumpiness and sagging skin in other body areas. Only a few people are aware that the body creates new fat cells to replace the ones that were eliminated with liposuction. It is estimated that all of the fat cells come back within a 5-year period. That is why liposuction must be considered a temporary solution.

Unlike liposuction, the MLS Sculpting can target any part of the body which has troublesome fat. Since there are no pain, no downtime, no use of anesthesia, no numbing agents, and no needles, it is now considered the best alternative to surgery. The MLS Sculpting eliminates fat that is resistant to diet and exercise.

Tke MLS technology has been used by surgeons to safely assist liposuction since 2001, as it is proven to cause fat to be released from fat cells immediately prior to liposuction. It has been approved by the FDA in this regard. This says a lot!

Long-term results with the MLS Sculpting can be obtained if a healthy lifestyle is adopted.

What is the cost?

The cost per session starts at $99 depending on the program selected.




(Individual results may vary)

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