Cellulite or orange peel skin is caused by a change in the structure of adipose (fat) tissues beneath the skin. The skin has a “bumpy” appearance that is often considered unattractive. If you have cellulite on thighs, stomach, belly, buttocks and even the arms, you’re not alone. It is estimated that cellulite affects close to 90% of women.

How cellulite forms

The skin is attached to muscle by connective tissues (collagen fibres). There is subcutaneous fat at the centre of those connective tissues that create “compartments” in which fat cells are trapped.

Under normal circumstances, all fat cells under the skin create regular and even layers because they are nicely attached to connective tissue (collagen fibres) between skin and muscles. But in cellulite part of those fat cells under skin become detached from weakened connective tissue (collagen) stick together and create small lumpy fatty deposits that look just like cottage cheese. As this free-floating fat accumulates and expands in size, it pushes up against the skin, which gives the lumpy appearance and dimpling effect. Cellulite becomes noticeable when the underlying fat deposits begin to push through layers of weak collagen fibres that form connective tissue under the skin.

Cellulite treatments

It is safe to conclude that cellulite is indeed more than just ordinary fat, and in order to treat it, one must truly understand its unique aspect.

The RF D-ACTOR® medical system is the most innovative anti-cellulite treatment presently available on the market. It combines radiofrequency with radial acousticshock waves (AWT®). What sets this system apart from all the others is its capacity to treat the origins of cellulite, like a weak circulatory system, hypertrophic fatty cells and low collagen production. Celebrities like Madonna have chosen the AWT® feature of the RF D-ACTOR® system as their favorite anti-cellulite treatment Madonna Anti-Cellulite Machine.


Effects of the RF D-ACTOR® on the circulatory system

The RF D-ACTOR® capacity to break up the compacted fatty tissue which blocks the circulatory system makes it unique in comparison with the usual anti-cellulite techniques that most of the time only stimulate the blood and lymph circulation without breaking the compacted fatty tissue. This is why most of the time, such techniques provide only time-limited results.

By means of the RF D-ACTOR®, the stimulation of the lymphatic and blood systems boost the micro-circulation that was slowed down within the cellulite-affected areas, which in turn detoxifies all the cells.

Effects of the RF D-ACTOR® on the fatty cells

The optimal energy of the RF D-ACTOR® radio frequencies and acoustic waves stimulates the lipolysis of the fatty cells (liberation of lipids) and reduces their volume. The lipids that have been liberated from the fat cells are then eliminated through the circulatory system that is now fully functional, thanks to the RF D-ACTOR® treatment.

Effects of the RF D-ACTOR® on the collagen

The RF D-ACTOR® system exponentially stimulates the production of collagen. Connective tissues are strengthened and the skin becomes thicker and firmer again. These new collagen fibers contribute to contain the pressure of the expended fat cells that push up against the skin, which in turn reduces cellulite.



The RF D-ACTOR® anti-cellulite system is offered in Quebec, exclusively at Cliniques DM.


How does the treatment work?

The RF D-ACTOR® system uses the latest patented multipolar radio frequency and pulsed magnetic fields technology to create a soothing therapeutic matrix on the skin. This energy stimulates the production and contraction of the collagen fibers, reduces the size of subcutaneous fatty tissue and improves blood circulation. This leads to a firmer skin with the decrease of the cellulite aspect.

The RF D-ACTOR® system also emits acoustic shock waves that can break compacted fat masses. This enables to reactivate lymphatic and blood circulation, to oxygenate the skin tissues, as well as facilitate tissue detoxication. The RF D-ACTOR® system treats the true origins of the cellulite, which makes the results sustainable and long-lasting.

Which body areas can be treated?

The treatment can be applied on the following areas :

  • Buttocks
  • Upper arms
  • Thighs
  • Stomach

What is the treatment procedure?

First of all, the area to be treated is covered with conductive gel on which the acousticwaves are applied.

The skin is then heated by means of radiofrequency waves, in order to reach the required temperature which usually ranges between 42 and 45 degrees. This temperature will be maintained throughout this part of the treatment.

The treatment ends with a lymphatic and blood stimulation Vmax session that maximises the detoxication of the cellulite zones.

The total duration of the treatment is between 60 and 120 minutes, according to the areas to be treated.

Immediately after treatment, some redness and warmth can be seen and felt on the skin. Both should disappear within an hour or so following the treatment. Slight hematomas may also appear on the treated areas, but they will quickly fade away.

You can get back to your usual daily activities once the treatment is completed.

How many treatments will be required?

Although each situation is unique, 8 to 10 weekly sessions are usually necessary to obtain optimal results.

When will the results be noticeable?

Even if the effects are often visible right after the first session, best results are noticeable after the number of treatments suggested.

Is the treatment painful?

The treatment is painless. However, some people can feel a slight discomfort on the treated areas. The technician will adapt the treatment in accordance with the patient’s feelings.

Is this treatment scientifically proven?

The sustainable effects of this innovative RF D-ACTOR® acoustic waves and radio frequencies therapy in the treatment of cellulite has been proven by means of a series of scientific studies and long-term clinical observation. This treatment has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the effective treatment of cellulite.

Are the results permanent?

The RF D-ACTOR® system provides long-lasting results, since it treats the factors that are responsible for cellulite.

However, cellulite is a persisting pathology. Consequently, we recommend that periodical maintenance sessions be taken to maintain de results.

What are the costs?

The costs, by area to be treated, start at 200 $. See our promotions.


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